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Hosting Management


It is needed this space to keep your website online. It is an space located on a data center that contain the files, database and web elements.

The kind of hosting required is related to the needs of traffic volume, the kind of business and the type of files that are going to be displayed on the website.

For example, is very important to know if the website will be showing videos hosted on its own space or Youtube. Or if the business will be selling products or the size of the company and the audience interest.

The kind of hosting determines the quantity of emails, email storage, the gigabytes of space available, the bandwith and visitors.

Choosing Domain


It is very import for your company to select a very good domain which can be according the business and the audience.

A domain selected finely could give you more authority and relevance in your competitive environment online.

So, we advise to our clients about which keywords should have you domain according the business activity, domain availability and competition in the search engines.

Email Accounts


Every company has a different needs of email service. That depends on the size of company, the kind of business and the quantity of people which would send or receive in your place emails.

The difference could be in the kind of emails you want to work. If the company wants to have emails accounts to receive big resolution pictures or arts from clients, it should have a unlimited space of storage to keep the business running.

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