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I want to start doing social media marketing
Process to obtain traffic, attraction and interactivity with potential clients by social media


More than 750 million of users from 7,000 different devices.

23% of Facebook users check their page 5 times a day.

74% of business believe that Facebook is important for lead generation.

75% of engagement by posting after first 5 hours


288 million of active users.

Growing age demographic of 55 to 64 years old (79%).

More the 400 million tweets sent per day


More than 500 million users.

80% login once a week and 60% everyday.

40% uses Google+, 70% wants to learn more and 67% is planning to increase their Google+ activities.


1.5 million of Linkedin groups

27% of access by mobiles

42% update the profile regularly

3 Million Linkedin company pages

More than 3 million endorsements by Linkedin

Social media wants to share life experiences and hobbies, images and videos, make conversations, professional knowledge, passions, perceptions and make interactions between a circle of friends, professionals or community.