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We are an agency offering consulting or professional services for hours, part-time or full time. Feel free to ask our rates.
Responsive Web Design

We use templates or design customized themes for all devices: cell phone, tablets and desktop computers.

Websites must be universal and available for all media audience.

Web Standards
Frameworks used for web development

HTML 5: Coding websites
CSS 3: Design Styles for web
WordPress: Content Management
jQuery: Web Interactivity
Bootstrap: Responsive Coding

International Certificate
Digital Marketing Institute Logo

Certified by Digital Marketing Institute (Ireland) and Cenfotec Costa Rica.

Web Design + Standard Coding + Excellent Content + SEO + Digital Marketing = Succesful Website

Studio Blog

In our web studio we want to share tips and small pieces of knowledge about web design, digital marketing, administration and music. Let us know what kind of topics you want to know and we’ll publish about it.

New Costa Rica Web Studio Website!

It is an honor to share with you this new website. My main concern doing this is to get more clients, fans and sharing my ideas by my blog, to get more authority by knowledge. I don’t want to be selfish doing a blog to......

Google Partners Event in Costa Rica

We have been invited by Google to their partners event in Costa Rica. That was a great opportunity to know the plans this great company has in our country, the way they are looking for new clients by the marketing local companies. The event served......

Installing WordPress locally

Hi, everyone. I want to share a video posted in my YouTube Channel. Installing a local server in your computer can help you to start the design and develop process in order to work like if you had a PHP website running on real online server, with......