Mobile Marketing

Marketing actions focused in a network with people regularly connected by a personal mobile device.

Everyday people are more attracted to the use of mobiles because of control and freedom that offer new user experiences.

The mobiles allows to communicate and accessing relevant information. You can use videos, photos, books, etc. The interaction with people by internet in a real time, using GPS, locations or websites.

For the business is very important because they can access to the personal zone of its targeted audience. You can send personal messages, show ads whatever they could be located.

Why Mobile Marketing?

  • Offers interactivity
  • Mobility of devices
  • Immediate advertising
  • Access to personal zone
  • Ranking on mobile search engines
  • Pay per Click and Display Advertising
  • Social Media Interaction
  • Use of GPS and Geo Tagging
  • Sells by Mobile Sites or Apps
  • Based on location of people and what they do