Web Analytics

A proper interpretation of the data is the source for decision-making on the website.

Using tools like Google Analytics we can study and analyze the evolution of the website, from user behavior, location, type of device used to enter, and the operating systems.

You can see which website pages are generating more interest and getting more searches on Google. It lets see which pages need to be improved by having a rebound effect.

You can also find out if a campaign is being successful and whether any aspect in their characteristics should be maintained or corrected, so that the investment of advertising is efficient.

Why Web Analytics?

  • Reduce rebound rate
  • Information in graphics
  • Know evolution of website
  • Track of users
  • Behavior of users
  • It is a free tool
  • Users average time
  • Discover sources of traffic
  • Crossing information
  • Diagnostic your website
  • Content performance