Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This process is very similar to Search Engine Optimization with the difference that the business should have to pay to appears in the featured ads or sponsored listings on search engines as Google.

The advertiser only would pay when a user get into the website through the sponsor link.

The payment don’t ensure a good position but the relevance and the optimization of website because there are competition on pay per click spaces on search engines.

For Search Engine Marketing or Pay per click programs is very important to manage the budgets, schedules and know the behavior of users so you can invest in a correct way the resources to get visitors and leads.

Why SEM or Pay per Click?

  • Users comes with real intentions
  • Focused on Relevance factor
  • Reaches user in an ideal time
  • Get visitors from specific locations
  • More qualified visitors
  • Only pay for visits, no for the ad
  • Highly measurable and transparent
  • Visibility under control