Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization known as SEO is a dynamic process that wants to place a website in the first places of search engines listing by ethical methods without a paying to them.

Exists several of techniques to get a good optimization which can be applied inside or outside the website.

Onside optimization includes selection of keyword, content generation, meta tags edition, file architecture and web supports.

Offline optimization is when is built a reliable environment and reputation around the internet. We can get this by link building, marketing content, social linking and format link.

This process is dynamic because once is applied to the website need to be analyzed to see the results and performance by some analysis tools. Depending on results it should be review and modified continuously to see its behavior on search engines.

The SEO reports allow to know what kind of people is visiting your website, where they are located, the type of products, services or information they are looking for, the time or conditions they are needing to acquire them and the way they are tracking to buy. This is the source of marketing information for your website.