Technical & Organic SEO


Search Engine Optimization is a knowledge area that is growing and expanding. It’s not only about search engine, it’s about analytics, performance, user experience and very important relevant content and getting visitors and leads for website.

SEO has two branchs: Offline SEO and Online SEO.

Offline SEO is the work done outside website as affiliates programs, linking from other websites, payed advertising.

Online SEO is implemented making adjusts inside the website. Tags and Keyword Optimization, good coding, speed performance, Google score improvement, server issues, user interaction, etc

My speciality is working doing online SEO.

Analyzing the best keywords and relevant content for the brand, checking tags as header, paragraphs, images, links.

Checking all website connections and resources to analyze the website performace in terms of page loading, first time to byte (FFTB), bytes loaded to get the best Google performace scores. This is important factor to get better rankings on Google.

My effort has helped on the companies, with my initiative and obviously with the collaboration of other experts on programming, servers and databases to raise Google Score. SEO is a joint work that requires knowledge about different areas.

SEO wants that users can prolong the time staying on the websites, adding elements and removing distractors that can get out people from our site.



  • Get firsts places on Google
  • Better visibility and status
  • More clicks, more visits, more sells
  • No Pay per click
  • More time permanency
  • Authority, relevancy and┬áreputation
  • Leadership in the business market
  • Know your audience and user behavior
  • To know pages more attractive to user