New Costa Rica Web Studio Website!

It is an honor to share with you this new website. My main concern doing this is to get more clients, fans and sharing my ideas by my blog, to get more authority by knowledge. I don’t want to be selfish doing a blog to be narcissist. This space could be a technical source where I can expose interesting topics about web design, administration, music and more.

I want to expand my services as I’ve got my certificate on Digital Marketing at Digital Marketing Institute (Ireland) by Cenfotec at Costa Rica.  Previously, in the past, some years ago,  I’ve had Search Engine Optimization Experience placing any websites in the first places of Google. The time have passed away, and between this I’d been working on web design departments in some foreign companies in Costa Rica.

As I said before this website is not only to earn money for me (that would be great), but if is possible it would be interesting to get in contact with people out there, by every topic I will be posting here. If you want tutorial, explanation or methods I’ve used in my work, just write me to [email protected] and let me know you interest, so I can produce some video or post about the topic.


Bernan Web.